Professional Agents

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Agents Abroad

The company works through its agents in the countries of recruitment, and is keen to write the agency contracts clearly, in which the following is indicated:

• The name, nationality, and address of the agent.
• Technical specifications required to be available in the upcoming workforce.
• Agency activity.
• Duration and type of agency.
• How to resolve the dispute between the two parties and settle the obligations arising from the power of attorney.
• The amount of commission due to the license applicant in return for carrying out the agency’s work, in order to ensure the availability of highly professional human cadres.

The duties of the agent include the following:

  • Completing all formal and statutory procedures for workers in their country.
  • Acting as the mediator between the workers and the company with regard to all the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Organizing the relationship between labor-exporting and receiving countries, as understanding government regulations and procedures in the Kingdom and source countries solves many problems that result from a lack of understanding and sufficient knowledge of these systems and procedures, in a manner that preserves the rights of all parties.