Business Sector

Riyadh National Recruitment (RNR) Company is concerned with providing its services to companies, institutions, and government sectors in accordance with the following obligations:

  • Obtaining the required work licenses, if the profession is among the professions that require a license to work in the Saudi market.
  • Payment of end-of-service benefits upon termination of contracts, and issuance of travel tickets to return them to their home countries.
  • Having the possibility of replacing human cadres in case of incompatibility with the nature of work, or lack of the necessary competence to carry out the required tasks.
  • Providing adequate guarantees in case of escaping or abstaining from work, God forbid.
  • Securing adequate housing, transportation, food, work uniform and any other requirements according to the work requirements and the client's desire.
  • Providing the advantage of direct selection from the manpower available at the company in all branches around the Kingdom through the (Jahez) service, which allows the completion of short-term contracts to meet the urgent demand and ensure the completion of the workflow in the facility.
  • Attracting and recruiting qualified and trained human cadres according to the highest standards, and under the umbrella of the legal company.
  • Nominating the labor according to the requirements of the client and his needs of special specifications and standards.
  • Committing to the safety of its cadres psychologically and physically.
  • Completing the procedures for the arrival and reception of human cadres at the airport.
  • Organizing and managing the monthly salary deposit process.
  • Providing medical insurance with a well-known insurance company.
  • Inclusion of the workers in social insurance.
Individual Sector

RNR Company also acts as a mediator to complete all legal procedures for the recruitment of qualified human cadres to work for Saudi individuals and families, such as:

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    Table Server
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    Private Driver
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    Home Nurse
    Female - Male
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    Home Cook
    Female - Male
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    Female - Male
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    Domestic Worker
    Female - Male